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Summer Mission Statement and Core Values

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Summer in Alberta feels fleeting. If you get too focused on work, it can feel like you missed out. So this summer, our team is setting ourselves a mission to make sure we enjoy the season.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the most of the summer and enjoy all it has to offer.

Core Values

  • Getting outdoors: We enjoy the warm, sunny weather and the beauty nature has to offer.

  • Good company: We prioritize enjoying the company of our loved ones.

  • Relaxation: We set aside time to put our feet up and take it easy.

  • Getting away: Whether it’s a vacation or a staycation, we make time to explore our surroundings and take a break from our day-to-day routine.

  • Safety: We take precautions to keep ourselves safe in the sun, such as wearing sunscreen and staying hydrated.

Values In Action

Here are some of the ways our team is putting these values into practice this season.


Getting away/getting outdoors: “I'm trying to get my daughter into hiking, so we’ll be going up to the mountains to get much-needed sunshine and relaxation.”

Safety: “Sunscreen and water! I'm a bit of a product junkie, so we have a ton of different sunscreens. I've been toting around electrolyte powder, too, to add to our water – it's come in handy quite a bit.”


Good company: “My family is very close, and summer means spending bigger chunks of time together doing some of our favourite things, like motorbiking, camping, BBQing, and enjoying the sunshine.”

Relaxation: “A pile of unread novels and my hammock await!”


Getting outdoors and relaxation: “I am taking an online watercolour urban sketching course, which has lots of exercises for sketching buildings and places on location. I got a summer pass for Fort Edmonton Park, and I am going to do field trips there to work on my skills."

Good company: “We have a family wedding this summer, which means lots of good company and gatherings to celebrate.”


Getting away: “My boyfriend and I are going on a ten-day road trip through BC. We're starting in Jasper, making our way to the Lower Mainland, stopping by to visit my family in the Interior, and then finishing in the Kootenays before coming home through Banff.”


Getting away: “My partner and I are going to Quebec for a week in July. We are staying at the Chateau Frontenac, and my partner is going to show me his Francophone background, which will be so lovely! We are also taking my kiddos to Kelowna to visit family and taking them on their first plane trip, which they're very, very excited about. I can't wait to show them how much fun vacations can be.”


Getting outdoors: “I’m taking my kiddo to summer camp for the first time this year! Camp was a huge part of my summer as a kid, and I am so excited to give her that opportunity to get away from screens for a week and connect with nature.”

Relaxation: “I generally take one or two weekends in the summer and book a hotel for a kid-free staycation. The epitome of relaxation!”

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