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Two Scriptorium team members discussing business communications in an urban construction zone.

Technical and Business Writing

Making Your Words Functional

Scriptorium team member sits down with a client to discuss a business communication's project.

Let us do the writing for you. 

Accurate, customized, professional documentation is foundational to running your business smoothly. But many companies struggle to find the time to write the documents that they need. That is where Scriptorium comes in.

Scriptorium specializes in technical writing and business communications. Our writers pull together information and combine it into a clear, concise, and functional document. Our goal is to write in a way that reflects your vision and company values. Scriptorium can help at any stage in the writing process. We have the skills and experience to plan, develop, and write your project effectively and efficiently.

Focus and thrive on what you do best by trusting us with what we do best. As a team of professional business communicators and technical writers, Scriptorium makes your words functional.

What is technical and business writing?

Scriptorium focuses on internal communication and documentation necessary for your work. Technical writing is communicating complex and technology-specific concepts in a clear and understandable way to the intended audience, such as procedures, flowcharts, forms, and templates. Business writing encompasses reports, policies, presentations, and other communication projects your organization needs internally or for your clients.

Our writers know their craft. 

Each of our writers is educated and experienced in the communications field. We specialize in internal communications, capturing your processes and policies or other writing needs to help you run your business better. We work with people in a variety of positions, from management to field crews, and are comfortable gathering information from sources remotely, in the office, and in the field. With a combination of first-hand interviews and secondary research, Scriptorium crafts a written product that reflects your company’s needs and message, leaving no trace of our involvement.

Scriptorium team members or writers and instructors sit together in an informal setting.
Our team is comprised of well-trained, experienced writers and instructors who love what they do.


“Annette was a genuine asset in the development and implementation of our mentorship platform project. Her expertise, professionalism, and intercultural knowledge proved to be invaluable as we determined the content for the website. Annette was quick to translate our requirements into readable, understandable, and effective content and messaging that will be critical to the project today and into the future. Her ability to learn quickly and articulate knowledge and best practices into accurate and critical documentation for the site has been a tremendous value add to our overall project vision. In addition to her technical skills, Annette brought a professional yet genuinely friendly demeanour to our team. I would work with her again without reserve or question.”


—  Doug Piquette, Founding Director

       Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council (ERIEC)


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