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A client meets with a Scriptorium team member for a consultation.

Service Details

Scriptorium focuses on internal business and technical communication. We bring our education and training in technical writing and plain language to create readable documents, reports, and training materials that clearly explain your expertise to the intended audience.We are experts in gathering the information we need from subject matter experts to do what we do best: documentation. We have worked from interviews, notes jotted on napkins, videos, existing print materials, and first-hand product trials. Our goal is to make documentation as easy on you as possible.​ We are ready to jump into your project at any stage of the writing process: planning, researching, writing, or polishing. Learn more about the types of projects we work on below.

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           Business Writing & Communications Workshops Brochure

Procedures & 
Safe Work Practices

Writing procedures and safe work practices are at the core of technical communications. Scriptorium has worked with companies in a broad spectrum of industries, including construction, mining, water and wastewater, healthcare, software, and more. We are used to working with technical content and subject matter experts to create customized instructions for your operations and technology. Our team can create accompanying screenshots, diagrams, labelled photos, and flow charts to illustrate your steps. We create style guides and templates that ensure all procedures are presented consistently.

We understand how to create compliant safety, environmental, and quality manuals that meet legislative, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and Certificate of Recognition (COR) requirements. We can work with safety and quality specialists in your team or provide insight on how to meet audit requirements.

Human Resources & Governance Policies

Clear, thoughtful policy that reflects organizational values and meets local legislation requirements is foundational. Scriptorium can build on standard policies and procedures for human resources, operations, and board governance, and create custom policies.

Our writers have experience managing complex consultations and mediating conversations between different parts of the organization in corporate, government, and not-for-profit organizations. We can present options and neutral perspectives to manage challenging topics.

& Proposals

Creating reports and proposals are crucial parts of sustaining and building a business, and at Scriptorium, we help businesses throughout all stages of the process. Our writers provide a high-level perspective, enabling us to establish a logical structure that presents the information with a clear purpose. We distill your content into concise, plain language that lets your readers quickly understand your purpose, digest the key messages, and provoke the requested action.

Want to polish up your team’s report writing skills? Ask us about our focused workshop.

Training Materials & Instructional Design

Sometimes a document is not enough. Documentation helps with standardizing processes and meeting regulations. But sometimes companies need to do more than just capture the content. Turning your knowledge and expertise into custom training brings documentation to life.

We can help you develop your own orientation, safety, or operational training for in-house professional development. We can also capture your ideas to develop a topic or industry-specific courses that you can deliver to your clients and colleagues.  


We help you design everything you need to run your own course:

  • Lesson plans, activities, and assessments

  • Handouts and course materials

  • Train the trainer session to prep your team

Forms & Templates

Scriptorium is experienced in working with style guides and branding parameters. We can create templates to match your organization's existing documentation. If your organization does not have a style guide or templates, our writers can create professional versions that align with your brand and can be used throughout your organization.

Printable or digital forms are often a key part of our documentation packages. We can work with your team to update or create forms that match your templates and align with your updated content.

We also provide one-to-one coaching or group training on using the templates and style guides we’ve created for your organization to help your teams establish a cohesive style and brand for your internal documentation.

Strategic Planning & Project Management

Writing documentation is our core service, but Scriptorium also offers writers with years of strategic planning and project management experience. We can:


  • Navigate complex projects across departments with hundreds of documents;.

  • Lead or support consultations with multiple stakeholders;

  • Approach complex or controversial topics with professionalism;

  • Start new projects that require a strategic approach;

  • Ensure your message is being delivered to your appropriate audience; and

  • Lead projects to involve multiple subject matter experts and writers to ensure a consistent approach

We love thinking about the big picture and helping you create a plan or a strategy that makes your documentation effective and useable.  

Document Management

Once you have good documentation, it is important that your team can find it. Scriptorium writers are constantly managing and controlling documents for our team and for our clients. This is a critically important skill to ensure your team is accessing the most current and accurate information. It is good due diligence to know where your current documentation is, particularly if you have any safety or quality standards audits.

We focus on three ways to manage your documents:

  1. Document Version Control: Ensure you are sharing or using the latest version of your documentation.

  2. Document Organization & File Management: Organize your files so your employees can find what they need, when they need it.

  3. Controlled Document Access: Manage who can change or move your files and who can't.


There is no single correct method of document management. Scriptorium can review your current tools and systems and recommend best practices suited to your organization and work.

Learn more about Document Management on our blog. 

Sidelight Professional Writing Workshops

We believe in the power of communication skills. Through Sidelight, we’ve developed practical writing workshops that focus on professional writing in the business world.

Improving your team’s communication skills can lead to better customer relationships and more collaborative company culture. Our writers’ experience teaching in both post-secondary and corporate environments allows us to customize our workshops to help with your specific communication challenges.


We adjust workshop length and combine topics into learn-at-lunch, half-day, full-day, or multi-day sessions. Longer presentations include more interaction and time to practice writing skills.


Some of our popular presentations include:

  • Business Writing Essentials

  • Strategic Editing

  • Technical Writing

  • Writing Reports & White Papers


Bring professional development to your team. Learn more at

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