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Palentine’s Day Performance & Conduct Policy

All Palentine’s Day participants will collaborate and communicate with the goal of celebrating friendships. Studies show that friendships promote better health, well-being, and happiness. It is expected that all participants will take action to connect with their friends and comply with all local laws and all environmental and safety legislation.


Palentine’s Day: an inclusive, alternative holiday to Valentine’s Day, dedicated to celebrating friendships, often celebrated on February 13.


  • All participants will strive to meet the expectations and conduct outlined in this policy.

  • All participants will comply with all federal, provincial, and local laws and all environmental and safety legislation.

  • All participants will reach out to their friends as soon as reasonably possible to let them know that they appreciate them.

Guidelines & Procedures

Friendship Strengthening & Development

All participants will be expected to follow the minimum standards set out in this handbook. All employees will maintain and strengthen their friendships as required.

In an article for GoodRx, Suzanne Degges-White, professor and chair of counseling at Northern Illinois University, recommends the following steps to improve and strengthen your friendships:

  • Be willing to connect with others.

  • Be active in each relationship that matters to you.

  • Make time for your friends and invest in relationships.

  • Go the extra mile for friends who have done the same for you.

  • Ask friends about their lives and really listen to what they say.

  • Check in with friends you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Celebrating Palentine’s Day

All participants should prepare for a get-together with their friends, whether online, at home, or at their favourite hangout spot. Participants may refer to this guide for ideas on planning a Palentine’s Day celebration. This can include activities such as a movie or game night, a meal at your favourite restaurant, or a simple coffee and catch-up.

If a get-together is not possible, participants may reach out to friends with a meaningful message or with a small gift of appreciation.


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