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Is My Black Cat a Witch’s Familiar?

You know what time of year it is, folks: spooky season.

Leaves, corn mazes, pumpkins, costumes, and candy—what more could you ask for?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping a good eye on the black cats in my life. Halloween is their time to shine. The world is their oyster, and they won’t let pesky humans get in the way. We love black cats and our furry support team includes the magical beasts: Crosby and Sekhmet.

If you also catch yourself side-eyeing your black cat, the checklist below might help you determine whether they are a witch's familiar. We love a good checklist for an orderly review of information.

However, remember that a witch’s familiar must be accompanied by a witch…

How to Tell if My Black Cat is a Witch’s Familiar:

Does your black cat talk to you? I mean really talk to you.

Can they stare at the full moon for hours?

Do they hiss at unseen forces in your home?

Does your black cat meet mysterious figures at night?

Can your black cat fly?

Does your cat seemingly walk through walls and doors,

appearing unexpectedly?

Do things go a little more your way when your black cat

is in the room?

Can you see the depths of the universe in the eyes of your black cat?

Are you a witch?

Rate your Black Cat's Familiarity

If you answered yes to 0–3: Your cat is probably not a familiar. But even regular ol’ black cats are pretty great.

If you answered yes to 4­–5: Your cat may be a familiar. Or perhaps just a regular black cat in tune with a witchy presence.

If you answered yes to 5+: You are definitely a witch. You and your black cat familiar are a magical delight.

Love your Black Cat

Regardless of the results, give your black cat an extra scritch because not everyone loves black cats as much as we do.

Did you know black cats take longer to adopt than other colours? This is largely because some cultures associate black cats with evil or witchcraft. Superstition and fear can sadly get in the way of black cats finding a forever home. Not only are black cats less likely to be adopted, but a study also confirmed that they’re more likely to be euthanized.

Due to the superstition surrounding black cats, many shelters will not allow black cats to be adopted during the Halloween season. There are rumours that some people may adopt black cats on Halloween for sacrificial purposes.

Good shelters always keep the welfare of animals in mind when assessing potential adoptions. We love one of our local rescues. Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society in Edmonton is a great place to start! They have all kinds of cats and kittens, black included, up for adoption. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also spend the next hour admiring all the cute cats. You can check out all the lovely kitties available for adoption on Zoe’s website,

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


We can help you answer important questions with well organized information. Our team (and our black cats) are ready to create more checklists for practical or frivolous purposes all year round. Contact us for a consultation.

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