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“What's your favourite kind of writing project?”

Welcome to another Scriptorium team Q&A or #AskScriptoriumAnything. Some people think our job is boring. We think it is anything but. We get to work on so many different projects that we are always learning and always challenged.

Eileen Brettner

I enjoy projects where I’m able to work with the Scriptorium team—we have so many different writing styles and experiences that it helps me grow as a writer and editor.

Rebecca Grose

The best part about writing is the variety of ways you can use it! However, I love to sink my teeth into technical writing (policies, procedures, and step-by-step guides) and academic writing. It’s almost like a puzzle when I try to unravel the best way to present and communicate complex ideas, and who doesn’t love a good puzzle?

Kaitlyn Petry

I haven’t been with Scriptorium for long, so there are many types of writing projects I haven’t yet enjoyed, but I’ve previously had fun with social media and blog writing. I’ve also loved taking long lists of technical information and making it digestible through the magic of a perfectly formatted document! Outside of Scriptorium, I write fiction. Digging into a great story with complex character development is the perfect way to unwind.

Hanna Leonard

I usually find myself enjoying most writing projects, but if I need to narrow it down, I’d choose two. As a student, I love academic writing—particularly research papers and academic-style essays. At Scriptorium, I’ve been loving technical writing; it’s like word math! Anything structured is my preference.

Claire Wolsey

Technical and academic writing are my jam because I love tackling big concepts with precision, detail, and clarity. The other part of the writing process that I adore is editing. There’s something so satisfying about making the final tweaks that can take a project to another level.

Annette Wierstra

I am happiest writing when I am learning something new. Learning about our different clients, what they are doing, and how they are doing it… that is fun. It is engaging when I can research or learn from subject matter experts. I have learned so much through our clients, and I am grateful for how that expands my understanding of the world.

Pamela Scott

I like when the client sees the value in the work we are doing together. Technical writing is collaborative, so when they are invested, it is easy to get the work done.

Jaclyn Lawrence

A type or topic of writing doesn’t define my favourite writing projects. My favourites are those for engaged clients or teams. Technical and business writing is best when we work collaboratively and creatively to meet documentation needs.


#AskScriptoriumAnything Once in a while, we’re going to answer the same question from our own perspective, experience, and interests so you can get to know more about us and what we do. Have a question for us? Send it via our social media or email.


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