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2022: The Year of Creativity

When we tell people that we write a lot of policy, procedure, and internal communication, the response is so often “How boring” or “I’m so sorry.” This is our queue to jump in and explain why we love it!

We approach our work with a great deal of creativity. Writing a policy or procedure may seem like an easy task. Just type out what you do, and we are done. But it’s rarely that simple.

Often when clients come to us, they know they need some sort of documentation or they need to do something different with their communication, but they aren’t sure what or how.

“We have a pile of outdated procedures.”

“Our technical team has amazing expertise, but they can’t put it into words.”

“They are writing reports that don’t fit what we need. They’re too technical.”

“We don’t have time!”

That’s where Scriptorium comes in. We ease the load and increase the capacity of your team by allowing you to do what you do best by doing what we do best. We ask the right questions and come up with technical writing solutions.

All companies are full of interesting people doing interesting work. We do a job where we get to learn something new with every client and project. We also offer a fresh perspective, specialized services, and our constantly growing knowledge base to our clients.

2021 was a year of growth. We focused on our work and professional goals to build and maintain a client list. It was a year of hard work and sacrifice. When we were able to take a breath and think about what we loved about our work, the word “creativity” kept coming up.

We like to work with our clients to figure out the best way to gather information, produce quality documents, and implement solutions that actually make a difference. We feel more fulfilled and excited about work when we get to dig in and get creative with you.

But creativity matters within our team as well. As we continue to grow, we need to be creative about finding the right people and processes that support our growing team.

We are a women-owned and operated business which was formed and has grown around the need for flexibility. (Flexibility was our theme for 2021.) That means even at our busiest, we can’t just put our heads down and work. We must work AND juggle our family obligations. As writers, we have a hankering for creative projects outside of work, too. When work is at its busiest, we drop the projects that we do just for fun.

But carving out time for our creative projects, be it writing novels, blogging, painting, or podcasting, is important. Finding space to do some of the creative things we love outside of work, makes us feel reenergized and fulfilled, which is good for each of us, our families, our team, and our clients. We must bring our challenges to our team to work together and do for ourselves what we do for our clients. How can we ease our own load and increase the capacity of our team?

This year we are committing to celebrating our creative approach to work, life, and leisure. And if you are ready for it, tell us our job is boring. We will happily tell you why it’s not. At length.


We believe that each of our writers brings an important set of skills that work together to make us a diverse and capable team. We love what we do and bring a creative problem-solving approach to all our projects. We can help you find the right solution for your projects. Contact us to book one of our team members to work with you on your writing and instructional projects.

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