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2020: The Year of Balance

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

The Year of Being Brave

Last year we decided to be Brave. It was an experiment to pick a word for the year. It’s one of those pseudo cheesy team exercises that revolve around words and language. And you know we love words. We picked Brave because it encompassed several concepts that we wanted to represent: growth as a company, finding our groove as a team, stepping out of our introverted writers’ comfort zone to connect with the community and more clients. It felt right in January, and it felt even more right as 2019 drew to a close.

Last year was a good year for Scriptorium. We really hit our stride as a team, being supportive of each other and jumping in to help on projects when needed with writing, advice, or problem-solving. We wanted to push ourselves into more teaching and curriculum development projects to tap into Annette and Jaclyn’s teaching experience and we’ve started to see growth in that area. Our client base grew with all three of us adding new clients to our rosters and continuing with ongoing projects. Being brave pushed us forward and upward. We are really proud of what we accomplished last year.

Shifting our Focus

In late 2019, we reflected on what is important for us as we move into 2020. We still want to be brave and we still have the capacity to grow, but we wanted to shift our focus. We all have chosen to work time in for ourselves at Scriptorium because we all have a myriad of interests and responsibilities outside of our work. We love what we do and we want to do it well, but our work is only one part of what is important in our lives. The concept of Balance floated so clearly to the top of our list. There was no debate, no question.

As we become busier, we want to maintain a good work/life balance to allow us to meet responsibilities in our personal and professional lives. We also want a good balance of work that suits all three of us. We’ve been learning to give and take support to help each other through a crunch or make sure each of us has enough work. This give and take, support and push will lead us to continued growth that is healthy and sustainable.

Balance represents our decision to come together to be three writers in one company because it provides us with more support, like three legs on a stool. All essential and all-important. Each supporting each other, the business, and our clients. Together we are better. We believe that developing our balance and core strengths will make us stronger and better at what we do personally and professionally.

We are excited about what we can do together in 2020.


We believe that each of our writers brings an important set of skills that work together to make us a diverse and capable team. We can use this balance of experience and training to serve your project needs. Contact us to book one of our other team members to work with you on your writing and instructional projects.

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