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Scriptorium writer and editor meet to discuss documentation techniques.

Writing & Editing

Our writers work with your team to write technical and business communication that captures your processes and builds your company culture.

Let us write it for you. 

How can we help you?

Clients meet with Scriptorium's team to discuss communication project.

Scriptorium focuses on internal business and technical communication. We bring our education and training in technical writing and plain language to create readable documents, reports, and training materials that clearly explain your expertise to the intended audience.


We are experts in gathering the information we need from subject matter experts to do what we do best: documentation. We have worked from interviews, notes jotted on napkins, videos, existing print materials, and first-hand product trials. Our goal is to make documentation as easy on you as possible. We are ready to jump into your project at any stage of the writing process: planning, researching, writing, or polishing.

Urban landscape.

Our Services

Procedures &
Safe Work Practices

Scriptorium works with your subject matter experts to create customized procedures for your operations and technology while ensuring they are compliant with relevant safety, quality, and legislative requirements. 
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Human Resources & Governance Policies

Building on standard policies and procedures for human resources, operations, and board governance, Scriptorium creates custom policies that reflect your organization’s
values and work.
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Reports &

Scriptorium can support organizing, polishing, and presenting a clear message in your reports and
proposals. We work with your team to organize information and write a cohesive report or proposal.

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Training Materials &
Instructional Design

Scriptorium can help you develop training for in-house professional development. Or we can capture your ideas to develop topic- or industry-specific courses that you can deliver to your clients and colleagues.
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Forms &

Our team can create professional-looking templates and forms so you can present cohesive, professional documents that match your branding. We can also teach your team how to use these templates.

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Strategic Planning &
Project Management

Need more than just our writing and editing skills? Let us plan and manage your projects. We love thinking about the big picture and helping you create a plan or a strategy that makes your documentation effective and useable.

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Once you have good documentation, it is important that your team can find it. We can offer recommendations and best practices for naming, organizing, distributing, and protecting your documentation.
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Sidelight Professional
Writing Workshops

Sidelight is Scriptorium’s teaching division. We offer a unique experience of choice through our writing and communications workshops. You can choose the modules that best suit your team's training needs.

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Who do we
work with?


Scriptorium has been fortunate to work with companies across multiple industries. Being experts in writing means we work with subject matter experts in a range of areas from industry to commercial. Companies often look for procedures, policies, reports and proposals, templates, and custom writing workshops. We can provide a consistent approach that adapts to your area of expertise. As research experts, we are always interested in learning something new and can offer a fresh perspective.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

We love working with not-for-profit organizations who work hard to provide services to people who need them. Often not-for-profits look for support with consultation reports, training materials, and policy writing. These documents frequently require consultations and input from multiple stakeholders. Scriptorium can provide professional support that is considerate of your work and helps your organization spend more time doing what you do best.


Scriptorium has worked with governments across Alberta and Western Canada on policy and report writing and provided writing workshops. We also work with government-adjacent organizations to write reports and other materials to support their work with the government. Such work often requires consultations with stakeholders and in-depth documentation focusing on complex and technical topics that is accessible to the public.

Current & Previous Clients

M.S. Beams

Industrial & Commercial

  • AJB Safety Ltd.

  • Ashburn Drilling

  • Axiom Builders

  • BHP Canada

  • Canada Pump & Power

  • Caron Transportation System 

  • Clean Harbors

  • Continental Stress Relieving Systems Ltd.

  • Dial Tone Communications

  • Edmonton Waste Management Centre of Excellence

  • Encana


  • Finning Canada

  • Leavitt

  • Profile Electrical Installation Ltd.

  • QSI Interiors Ltd.


  • Wheels On Training

Volunteers at Food Bank


  • AdaptAbilities

  • Alberta Mentorship Program

  • Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

  • Canadian Ski Patrol

  • Clay Tree Society

  • Edmonton Region Immigrant Employment Council

  • Edmonton's Food Bank

  • Edson Food Bank Society

  • Food Banks Alberta
  • Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness

  • Hockey Edmonton

  • On Site Placement

  • Outdoor Council of Canada

  • Taber Food Bank Society

  • Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Engineering Tools

Consulting & Design

  • Ampersand Grey

  • Box 13 Engineering

  • Canadian Western Bank

  • Donohoe Living Landscapes

  • eCaliber Group

  • Flip Chart Collaborative

  • Progress Land Services Ltd.

  • Wilson Tolles

3D Printing

New Technology

  • Alberta Health Services: MagnetTx Oncology Solutions

  • Bladeflex

  • Brüush

  • Canfly

  • Eco-Flex

  • Remote Group - Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Serious Thermal Products Ltd.

  • Swirltex: Wastewater

  • Zacxon

Law Firm


  • Bloom Centre for Municipal Education

  • City of Beaumont

  • City of Edmonton

  • City of St. Albert

  • Government of Yukon

  • Leduc County

  • Safety Codes Council

  • Strathcona County

  • Sturgeon County


Health & Wellness

  • Advanced Medical Solutions

  • Alberta Association of Optometrists

  • Covenant Health

  • Grief & Trauma Healing Centre

  • Life Stiles Spa

  • The Western Institute of Emergency Education



“As a graphic designer, properly structured copy is a key ingredient for an effective and functional design. By working with Jaclyn, my designs benefit from the perfect copy, ensuring my time can be devoted to creating the best visual solution possible. Hiring a professional like Jaclyn also ensures avoiding embarrassing errors or costly reprints, and ultimately creating a better result for the client. Professional writing is a hugely underrated, absolutely necessary service, and Jaclyn is one of the best!”


—  Travis Sarvas, Sarvas Design Company

What about Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

We live in a digital world with ever-changing technologies. But what doesn’t change is the need for clear communication and human interaction. We are often asked what our thoughts are on Artificial Intelligence (AI) from the writing perspective. In short, AI can be a useful tool when used properly. It can help you research and produce a rough draft. However, Scriptorium offers the human touch. We are not only able to write and edit your documents but are able to provide big picture strategy, project oversight, collaboration, and training on communication tools and document management. We can ensure your documentation, writing process, and document management suits your team.

What we tell our clients about AI

Be careful about what you put into AI engines. 

Read the license agreements because they often include a clause that they can keep and use any content that you enter. So be wary about putting your or your client's information into AI—you don’t want to compromise confidential or proprietary information.

Use AI for research, but verify. 

There are no checks and balances in AI to ensure that the information it produces is accurate and often, it contains unintended biases. The best way to use AI for research is for subjects you know well. You can quickly judge if the content is accurate. If you are unfamiliar with the subject area, do your due diligence and verify the information—we find this extra step often makes it quicker to do our own research instead of relying on AI.

You aren't the only one using AI. 

If you are using AI to create content, likely your competitors are too. If you are using similar prompts, AI is producing similar content. Your target audience is looking for unique solutions directed at them. It’s okay to use AI to get started but to set yourself apart, you will want to finish with the human touch to show that you understand your clients.

Two Scriptorium team members discuss a technical writing document with a client online.
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