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Client Spotlight: Future Forward Program, On Site Placement (OSP)

Image of spotlights with the blog post title. Text says: Client Spotlight: Future Forward Program, On Site Placement (OSP)

Searching for a job can be exhausting. Digging through job postings, networking, sending out resumes, doing interviews… Now imagine doing this in another country, navigating the nuances of a new work culture where you do not have an extensive network of personal and professional connections to help you connect to the right job. The job search becomes so much harder.

The Future Forward program was designed to support immigrant and racialized women with additional support during their job search. The program focuses on the Government of Canada's 9 Essential Skills for Success through an intercultural lens.

Sometimes you get projects that fit so neatly into your skills and values that it cannot help but bring you joy when you work on it. The Future Forward program with On Site Placement (OSP) is one of those projects.

I did my Master of Arts in intercultural and international communications, and I’ve been teaching and developing curriculum since 2008. OSP asked Scriptorium to work with their team to develop a program map, lesson plans, and support work on presentation and teaching materials.

The materials we developed with OSP and the Future Forward team provided insight through the curriculum and tapped into the participants' shared experiences about the Canadian workplace culture from the job search to the transition to a new job. Building on our collective experience and best practices, the final program was interactive, practical, and empowering. While many materials provide job search and workplace tips and tricks, there is something important about having an in-person, collaborative learning experience to build participants' professional networks within the cohort, instructors, guest speakers, and employers.

During each of the three cohorts OSP has run so far, I’ve been invited to do a guest speaking spot to provide tips and strategies for designing a capstone research project. Meeting the women showcases the wealth of knowledge and experience immigrants bring to Canada. They come from all over the world with backgrounds in science, communications, teaching, healthcare, finances, and more.

Research shows a diverse workplace is more creative and innovative. When surrounded by people with the same background, experience, education, and culture, we are more likely to have the same ideas. The richer the diversity, the more creative our solutions.

The best communications projects that we do at Scriptorium are not done in isolation with one person writing behind a laptop. When I had the chance to visit the cohort and participate in the program, I jumped at the chance to see our ideas in action. While creating program materials is something that I love to do, it is even better when I have the opportunity to see how the facilitators and the participants built on that learning framework to create something powerful and inspiring.


Scriptorium can provide experienced instructional designers and teachers. We use our expertise to create custom training programs and materials for our clients. Contact us to book to learn more about how we can support your custom training program.

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