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The Inquirer Launch Party

Traditionally publishing a book was a childhood dream. Like with most things imagined at six-year-olds, publishing has been slightly more complicated than anticipated. Two things, however, were exactly how I imagined:

  1. Seeing my book on the shelf at Chapters for the first time.

  2. The release day celebration.

On October 1st, The Inquirer officially hit shelves! Fifty family members and friends celebrated that evening at The Cajun House in St. Albert. The private room was filled with the buzz of conversation and laughter over delicious food and drinks. While I’m looking forward to the more traditional literary events with readings and a host, this was the perfect way to kick off the crazy busy October ahead.

I thought I would get away with just bouncing from table to table, but Logan insisted I make a speech. Now that I think of it, the lilies that were delivered earlier that afternoon may have been duel purposed: to congratulate me and to butter me up before making me speak! My booksellers – Seth and the hockey friends he recruited to help, Koen and Michael – sold out of books. Holly Webber (aka my mom) won the door prize that we put together with the help of NeWest, who donated two other books from the Nunatak first fiction series. And I even have pictures of the occasion to share thanks to Michelle at One Shot Photography.

I ended the night by eating my wild mushroom chicken from The Cajun House, while in my PJs and curled on the couch, and feeling blessed. Thank you to everyone who came to the release day celebration and for the messages and well wishes from those who couldn’t!

Pamela, Jaclyn and Annette at The Inquirer launch.

I can always count on my Scriptorium teammates and friends, Annette and Pam, to make occasions that bit more special. Thank you for the gorgeous flower arrangements and support on this adventure.

If you are interested in checking out one of the other launches, I will be in Calgary on October 9th and Edmonton on October 22nd.


We always support each other through our successes with Scriptorium or outside of it. To follow along with Jaclyn's journey through her book release, check out her website or follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Her book The Inquirer is available in a bookstore near you.

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